SourceRSS JANKALYAN SAMITI    Date01-Jan-2016

Child Labour Rehabilitation

Jankalyan Samiti has selected Solapur to implement this scheme as Solapur has a large population of child labour employed in the Bidi industry. These children have no alternative but to work to support themselves and their families, therefore all these children are deprived of education, though most of them a high IQ. Jankalyan Samiti is implementing this project (with government aid) at three location having 50 boys and girls at each location. Here besides formal education, they are imparted training in making wax candles, rakhis, flower bouquets, clay lamps to sell in market. Keeping the overall development of these kids in mind we arrange various events all along the year. There is a small savings groups created for the mothers of these kids to make themselves self-sufficient. Various programs are arranged for these ladies were we impart skill training to them so that they can make and sell some small things to sustain themselves.

150 students are taking benefit of this project. This year i.e. 2004 some of these students appeared for SSC Exam, of these one girl scored 71 % marks at the board exams; The Honorable Lady Collector of Solapur was so much pleased with the girl that she personally took up the responsibility to provide financial help to the girl for further education. While thanking the honorable collector, the girl spontaneously expressed that she would like to become collector like her benefactor if given opportunity. The whole Solapur city warmly appreciated the Gesture of Honorable Collector.


Cerebral palsy is a permanent disorder of the development of movement and posture, causing activity limitation, occurred in the developing fetal or infant brain. It disturbs the sensation, perception, cognition, communication, and behavior of the children/persons. Cerebral palsy is caused by damage to the motor control centers of the developing brain and can occur during pregnancy, during childbirth or after birth up to about age three.

Sanvedana, is a project in Marthwada, which provides help, support and guidance to children with Intellectual Disability (mental retardation) and children affected by Cerebral Palsy. Sanvedana provides both training and counseling to the affected children and their family members. A plan is created for every child based on his/her need of development/rehabilitation, every child is monitored regularly; and is treated with speech therapy, physiotherapy and even with accu-laser therapy on need basis. Knowing that these children are “differently abled”, they are closely observed for any special skill or ability that they have, this ability is further used to enhance their development and rehabilitation. Regular counseling sessions are conducted to help family members of these children. All these activities are held in a well-equipped center spread over more than ten thousand square feet; the center is equipped with doctors, trained personal and specially designed vehicles for the children.



This school was established in 1993, to fulfill the Educational needs of children from the earthquake affected villages of LATUR & DHARASHIV (USMANABAD) Districts. Hon. Shri. Madandasji Devi was the chief guest and Shri. Gopinathji Munde presided over the function.

The march 2004 SSC Exam. Results were 97.14% i.e. only one Girl student out of 35 could not succeed in one subject only. The students participated in all the activities of the school held during the year. The students were appealed not to use guidebooks, which they did whole-heartedly. These commendable achievements were the fruits of efforts put in by students and school staff during the year. During current year (2004-05) 450 students from 200 nearby villages are taking education in this school. The annual expenditure of school is around Rs. 25 lacs.

Mobile science laboratory

With the view to inculcate a scientific thinking in the school going children from the remote areas of Maharashtra; a well-equipped mobile laboratory is made available to the students of 5th to 7th standards. This laboratory plays an important role in developing science awareness, developing scientific concepts and scientific perspective. Of children who are deprived of these educational facilities. It adds into overall development of a students’ personality. More than 25000 students of 254 schools of 16 Talukas and 9 Districts of the region are being benefited by this program. Every year 3 days residential sessions are arranged for the students which help them in developing their personality by learning discipline and self-sufficiency.