SourceRSS JANKALYAN SAMITI    Date01-Jan-2016

Is one of the main thrust areas of the activities of Jankalyan Samiti. It runs Hospitals, Blood Banks, “Patients Equipment Centres” and Gram Arogya Rakshak Scheme in this area.


Dr. Prabhakar Patwardhan Memorial Hospital, Panvel

Dr. Prabhakar Patwardhan was not just a well-known surgeon from Panvel in Raigad district of Maharashtra. He was a person who believed in the principle that whatever the society has contributed to his being a well-known and responsible surgeon should duly be reciprocated back to the society. He devoted himself for the service of those who were deprived of the medical facility. He always tried to reach the tribals residing in remote areas. He would personally visit people who were not getting medical facilities due to poverty and ignorance about medical procedures. He treated the needy with his own expense. But his sudden death on 24February 1997 was a huge loss to the poor people that he served. After his death, his wife Mrs. Neelatai Patwardhan continued with his unfinished work. Keeping this in mind and realizing the magnitude of this work, in 1998 she decided to handover the management of her hospital to Jankalyan Samiti so that likeminded and devoted doctors could continue to serve to needy patients that Dr. Prabhakar Patwardhan always intended and dreamed of.

Today the hospital provides following facilities:

  • Urology department
  • Hemo dialysis department
  • Optometry department
  • Gynecology department
  • Orthopedics department
  • Well-equipped pathology laboratory
  • Sonography and x-ray  checkup/ECG/2D ECHO
  • Plastic surgery/cancer surgery

Blood Banks

Nine Blood Banks (all recognized as RBTCs) are functional across Maharashtra; located at Nashik, Pune Aurangabad, Mahad, Solapur, Nagpur, Ahmednagar, Jalana and Jalgaon. All these blood banks are considered as ideal blood banks by the society as they fulfill a substantial percentage of blood and blood product requirements of all blood banks in Maharashtra. Jankalyan Samiti, which operates these blood banks, is also well known for its innumerable activities in medical, health, social, educational and rehabilitation activities. We have been the guiding forces for various legislative amendments as well as for the improvements in the field of blood banking. A forward step is also taken for introduction of component separation in three of the nine blood banks and three more blood banks will follow this activity in near future. All these activities are being conducted as multipronged attempts considering the needs of the society. We are already working towards motivating people to donate blood. We have also implemented some very important projects very successfully e.g. “AIDS awareness and Sex Education” programme involving industrial workers, various organizations, people from medical fields.

With our concentrated efforts we hope to succeed in motivating more and mre sections of the society to voluntarily donate blood donation. We are confident that even in the adverse social circumstances we will stand and prove that 100% voluntary blood donation can be achieved and a standardized blood banking services can be implemented in the state of Maharashtra as well as in our country.

Gram Arogya Rakshak (Village Health Workers) Scheme; is a mile stone scheme run by Jankalyan This scheme aims at providing health, hygiene awareness and first aid facilities in remote areas where residential doctors are not available. Such areas (remote villages) are identified and local volunteers are trained; who provide first aid service 24x7 to the residents of these areas. Beyond this, regular sessions are held in these villages in the areas of, vaccination, water purification, cleaning etc. Training is also provided to the locals in the areas of healthy diet, a special focus group of this training is, babies and lactating mothers. This scheme has improved the health and hygiene of more than 1016 villages from 18 districts of Maharashtra.

“Patients Equipment Centres”: 50-Centre’s are operational across the state. These centre’s serve patients, who have been discharged from hospitals but need care at home. Equipment like bed-pan, walker, wheelchair etc. are provided free of cost to these patients on “use and return” basis.